« Refuge, Studio »

  • 365 Manipulated photographic
  • prints on painted wall
  • curator: Maria do Mar Fazenda
  • Julio Pomar Museum, Lisbon, 2016

"The quantity of images to which we have online access and the search engines available in different platforms create, albeit virtually, spaces similar to archives, libraries, museums. However, these structures have already multiplied in virtual spaces – for example the websites of museums that make available images of their contents and simulations of visits to their exhibition halls. On the other hand, we are beginning to see the production of artworks specifically for the internet space, which simultaneously alter our notion of production space, the studio.

Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa works with images for which he searches daily online, following themes or certain topical locations and moments. On a wall, he recreates an incorporeal field where the images flow, recurring elements that form families that can be identified or close relationships between gestures that can be constantly repositioned, recalling the logic of the Atlas Mnemosyne created by art historian Aby Warburg (b. 1866; d. 1929, Hamburg)." (Maria do Mar Fazenda)