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  • video - 14'37
  • Mérida, Spain, 2005
  • Video presented in:

Plumba art gallery - Oporto, 2006
Galerie ESCA - Nîmes, France, 2006
Centre Culturel International d’Hammamet - Tunisia, 2006
Fudación Bilboarte - Bilbau, Basc Country, 2012
Casa das Artes - Oporto, Portugal, 2015

An organized action in the Regional Parliament of Mérida was another episode of the same series about immigration. In this case, a group of Romanian musicians was hired to set a more syncopated rhythm to the game, in which chairs and players get eliminated from the game until the moment when only two players fight for the ultimate free chair - the "musical chairs game". This time the recording was made by the security cameras of the parliament.
Live music by Josian and Juan, street artists.