« Brûle! »

  • video 4’31
  • camera by Frederico Lobo
  • Oporto, 2005
  • Video presented in:

Plumba art gallery - Oporto, 2006
ProjecteSD art gallery - Barcelona, 2006
Salle d’expositions de Guyancourt - Paris, France, 2007
Crosstalk - video art festival - Budapest, Hungry, 2008
Centro de Cultura Digital - Mexico City, Mexico, 2012

Video recorded on the streets of Oporto, while at the same time serious events were taking place in the outskirts of the main cities in France, resulting in thousands of burnt-out vehicles. The characters imitate the gestures of the French insurgence in a very subtle way, repeating the children's game that uses warm breath on glass, writing afterwards on it the word: “Brûle!” (french = Burn!). A micro-intervention that disappears with daylight, but that reappears every time the humidity conditions are right; and forever until the glass is impeccably clean.