« Walhalla - für drei Stimmen »

  • exhibition Holidays in Greece
  • curated by: Vassiliea Stylianidou
  • STUDIOvisits - Berlin, 2012


  • IM-PORT//EX-PORT - Kassel, 2012

Performance in the context of the exhibition Holidays in Greece, which proposed a reflection on the economical Greek and European crisis. The exhibition was shown in Berlin and in Kassel, Germany. Analysing the long historical tradition of appropriation of the Greek ideal, mainly in architecture, I got to the most emblematic monument of German Romanticism: the Walhalla. Built in the XIX century, a close copy of the Parthenon of Athens, it is a true German panegyric collective, gathering names of all the Germanic heroes.

The performance consisted in a three (group of) voices reading of all the names present in the Walhalla, while in the room there were various photos of architectural variations on the theme Parthenon, from all over the world.