« Public Library (Terrassa) »

  • curator: Aimar Arriola
  • ESPAIDOS _ Sala Muncunill
  • Terrassa, Barcelona, 2010


  • new presentation in "Matière Revue"
  • Les grands voisins
  • Paris, 2017

“… This time, the concept of “library” was reduced to its minimal expression, of being a symbol. Instead of trying to collate a great amount of books in one room, the strategy was to follow one single image found in a book that describes the everyday life of the city of Terrassa during the Civil War - and transform it into a symbol of “reading”.

On one of the pages of this book there is a photo of a combat vehicle built by a group of republican activists. The tank, in which it is possible to read “Tarrasa” (in Castilian), is just a badly made copy of a modern combat car. It never worked, crushed by the excessive weight of its handmade armour.

Originating from this deeply moving image of failure, the “reading room” includes a collection of photos of temporary and handcrafted military tanks, objects of hope and precariousness used to fight a lost war. The slogans written on the tanks link them to the “material nature” of a book. Both being communication vehicles for the text and propaganda strategy tools."